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Cremation Planning

What Are Some of the Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Cremation?

It may seem contrary to what most may initially believe, but there are numerous positive, and even uplifting, benefits to pre-planning your own cremation. It can provide a certain peace of mind to know that your final wishes will be handled accordingly. Here are some of the specific benefits of…...

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How to Personalize a Post-Cremation Memorial Service

As more and more families choose cremation, they are also discovering how to better plan and personalize post-cremation memorial services. Post-cremation memorial services offer more timing flexibility, can be held in a selection of locations, and can be touching and even uplifting. Here are some steps to help you plan…...

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Best and Creative Ways to Use or Disperse of Ashes Following Cremation

It used to be pretty straight forward. Once a loved one was cremated, the ashes or cremains were usually kept by a spouse or family member in an urn, buried in the family plot, or dispersed at sea or in a forest. As the popularity of cremation has grown in…...

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What’s Included in An Affordable Cremation?

One of the significant benefits of using the Cremation Society of Cincinnati as opposed to a traditional funeral and burial is the cost factor. A loved one may not wish to have financial resources spent on a more expensive funeral or the family may not have the financing available. Whatever…...

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How Cremations Add Flexibility to a Final Service

There are many reasons cremations have become more popular in recent years. The have become more accepted by traditional religions. Cremations are more affordable than a full, traditional service and casket burial. Many families appreciate that a small amount of remaining ashes can now be turned into beautiful keepsakes like…...

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Planning Your Cremation

Many people are under the mistaken belief that because they let family members know they wish to be cremated, it eliminates any need for pre-planning. They may feel that because they don’t want an elaborate funeral, planning for a cremation is unnecessary. That is a mistake you should avoid. Planning…...

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