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How to Pre-Plan Your Cremation May 11, 2023

Pre planning cremation

In spite of the growing popularity of cremations, misconceptions and myths persist. When pre-planning a cremation, it is important to be clear about what’s true and false to fully understand your options. Here are some tips when pre-planning your cremation:

Understand the Basic Types of Cremation

Some people don’t understand that you can have a traditional funeral service and still choose cremation. Some families will choose such a service that will be followed by cremation. You can also choose a direct cremation, where the body is cremated promptly after death. Funeral services and memorial services can still be arranged around both. This means your pre-plans can still include favorite religious passages, music, and eulogies. If a memorial service post-cremation is selected, a venue for the service will need to be chosen. Pre-planning your cremation can also include requests for donations to be made in your name to a favorite cause.

Choosing a Type of Container

Your choice of a container for cremains will mainly be based on how you wish those cremains to be handled after cremation. If they will be scattered, use an inexpensive temporary container. If they will be buried or entombed, a more permanent urn may be chosen. If they will be kept by the family, a more decorative or customized urn may be chosen. There are also organic and environmentally friendly options. Small amounts of ashes can even be used in the creation of jewelry, fireworks, and even tattoo ink. Some families are choosing to have ashes split into tiny containers that family members can each have.

Will There Be a Scattering or Burial Service?

If this is a choice, the place where this ceremony will take place will need to be chosen. You should be aware that cremains can’t simply be disposed of, especially when it comes to privately owned property, sports stadiums, or amusement parks. Generally, disposal on public grounds and parks is acceptable. Check ahead of time to get permission.

How Much Will You Spend?

Cremation has traditionally been less expensive than a traditional funeral and burial. This may allow you to add elements to your final services that you may have otherwise passed on.

People still have unanswered questions about cremation, and we can help. We are more than willing to answer your questions about cremations and everything you can consider in the process. There are reasons why more and more people are choosing cremation and pre-planning for it. We would be honored to assist you.

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