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What Are Some of the Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Cremation? May 17, 2022

Plan Ahead

It may seem contrary to what most may initially believe, but there are numerous positive, and even uplifting, benefits to pre-planning your own cremation. It can provide a certain peace of mind to know that your final wishes will be handled accordingly. Here are some of the specific benefits of planning your own cremation.

Your Service Will Be as You Want

You are making the decision on every aspect of your final service. You select any songs, who gives the eulogy, how much you spend, and how your ashes are disposed of. You can decide on every decision or just make your significant wishes known.

Takes the Pressure Off Loved Ones

When you pre-plan your own cremation, you are reducing the number of decisions that would otherwise have to be made by loved ones. This is a terrific gift and can also eliminate any potential disagreements or misunderstandings family members may have about your wishes.

You Control Spending

One of the big motivating factors for many in pre-planning a cremation is the ability to control expenses. Perhaps it eliminates the concern that family members will overspend on final services. Pre-planning keeps you in control of the budget.

You Can Add Your Own Personal Impact

When you pre-plan your own cremation, you can add personal touches important to you, but that may be missed by family members. Do you have a favorite sports team? Do you have a particular non-profit organization you would like to recognize? You may even have a specific urn or place where you want your ashes scattered. Pre-planning allows you the ability to influence these personal touches.

Lock-In Prices

Pre-planning now can lock in today’s prices so you will avoid any future increases in price.

Peace of Mind

One of the most underappreciated benefits of pre-planning a cremation is the peace of mind you will have once you complete the process. This alone can be worth the effort.

At the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati, we spend a great deal of our time helping families through the grief of an immediate need. We are experiencing an increasing number of people who have decided to pre-plan their final services and cremation.

Some come to us knowing precisely what they want, while others need full guidance. We will be more than happy to assist you no matter what your level of knowledge is about the process. Contact our caring team today. We can even arrange an in-home consultation to discuss your pre-planning wishes.

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