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What’s Included in An Affordable Cremation? May 15, 2018

Copper Oak UrnOne of the significant benefits of using the Cremation Society of Cincinnati as opposed to a traditional funeral and burial is the cost factor. A loved one may not wish to have financial resources spent on a more expensive funeral or the family may not have the financing available. Whatever the reason, there is no question cremations are growing in popularity and account for about 60% of all final arrangements in the country today. Many are surprised to learn that even an affordable cremation includes many desired features and services official arrangements.

Here are some of the services included in our affordable cremations.

  • Cremation at our crematory. We operate the only privately owned crematory in Greater Cincinnati. You can choose to verify your loved one’s identity prior to cremation and even witness the process if so desired.
  • Secure care of the deceased. Once a loved one is in our care, they do not leave our crematory until the cremains are returned to the family. We do not use any third party companies. This provides peace of mind knowing that the ashes returned is that of your loved one.
  • We post the loved one’s obituary on our website at no cost. The complete obituary and even photos of your loved one will be posted online on our website at no cost to the family. We will also facilitate posting of obituaries into your choice of area newspapers but please note that these publications often charge to publish these obituaries.
  • We can schedule in-home final arrangements. Upon request, we can have one of our professionals visit your home to assist in your decisions at no additional fee.
  • We will arrange for the death certificate. Filing for the death certificate is also included in the Cremation Society of Cincinnati’s affordable cremations.
  • Veteran services are included. We will obtain a veteran’s flag, grave markers, a free veteran’s copy of the death certificate, arrange a free burial in a veteran’s cemetery, and help you apply for all the veteran’s benefits you are entitled to receive.
  • Assistance with final benefits. Our professionals will notify the social security office and go over all benefits that you are entitled to receive. We can even assist with questions regarding life insurance you may have on the deceased.
  • We will offer options on how cremains are handled. We will be pleased to help you choose an urn that fits your wishes and your budget. Today’s urns come in a wide variety of styles and prices. Some families decide to have a small amount of ashes used to help create beautiful keepsakes like jewelry. Many families still decide to have a burial of ashes, and we can assist you through that process as well.

Along with affordability, many choose cremation because it is considered more environmentally friendly than traditional burials. Please know that we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions about cremation.

Should you have the need for cremation services, are in search of information or are ready to start pre-planning your creation, we would be honored to serve you and your family. Contact the Cremation Society of Cincinnati.

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