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Funeral Planning

Benefits of Preplanning Funeral Services

There are several growing trends when it comes to funerals and final services. “Celebrations of Life” are growing in popularity versus traditional, somber services. Cremations have replaced traditional burials as the top choice for final services. Another growing trend is the increasing amount of people who are pre-planning their own…...

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What Happens if You Change Your Mind About Cremation After Preplanning Your Funeral

Much of our lives can be spent planning and plotting our futures. At some point, we shift from where we want to vacation to where we want to retire. There are significant decisions to be made. Where and how to invest? Health and long-term healthcare choices. There are retirement decisions…...

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7 Unconventional Ways to Honor Departed Using Cremains

One of the ways final services have changed over the decades is that they have become much more personalized. In many cases, they have also become less somber as more people turn to “Celebrations of Life.” These changes have also impacted cremations. There are more ways than ever for families…...

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TED Talks About Death & Grief

TED Talks were established in 1984 as an annual conference featuring short-form talks on a variety of subjects. Its goal was, and is, to spread ideas. Today, TED Talks are an online community full of 18 minutes and fewer videos that address a wide range of subjects. TED Talks are…...

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