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What Happens if You Change Your Mind About Cremation After Preplanning Your Funeral December 5, 2023

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Much of our lives can be spent planning and plotting our futures. At some point, we shift from where we want to vacation to where we want to retire. There are significant decisions to be made. Where and how to invest? Health and long-term healthcare choices. There are retirement decisions to be made as well. Of course, each of these decisions can be adjusted as our needs or attitudes change. The same is true for preplanning funeral services.

Just because you have preplanned your funeral, it doesn’t mean your choices can’t be changed.

Reasons You May Want To Adjust Final Arrangements

There are a number of reasons you may want to alter your final arrangements. You may change churches or religions. Your family situation may change. You may simply decide you no longer wish to be cremated. There is no need to feel “locked in” to a previous decision or decisions. Like other aspects of your retirement, adjustments can be made to your preplanned funeral arrangements.

Making Changes is Simple

While adjusting your health care, retirement funding, and other investment plans can be a bit complex, changes to your advance funeral plans are relatively easy.

Contact your funeral home and let them know you would like to review your plan. Let them know about the changes you would like to make, and then they can simply update your file.

Advance Planning Your Funeral Doesn’t Have to Be “Final”

Some may avoid preplanning or choosing cremation because they may change their minds. This should not be a concern. In fact, some advance plans start with some simple, basic decisions and get filled in as time progresses. Friends may change, your favorite song may change, or you may just have a shift in priorities and preferences. No worries. You don’t have to have all the answers right now. Your plans can be adjusted as circumstances or your beliefs change.

There are so many benefits to preplanning your funeral that concerns about flexibility should not be a factor. Advance planning takes stress away from family members, and it provides you with the ability to make sure your wishes are carried out. You can have better control of the budget, and you can make adjustments to your wishes as time passes. This all helps provide a peace of mind that is almost tangible.

If you have put off preplanning your own funeral because you fear your wishes may change, relax. Final arrangements are not locked in stone.

Contact us to get your questions answered and to get started with your advance plans. We are honored to serve your family today and tomorrow.

The Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati has been serving families for generations. We assist with funerals ranging from the traditional to unique celebrations of life. We can assist with either burials or cremations, and we have multiple locations throughout the region for the convenience of you and your family. If you don’t have a “home” for funeral services, we invite you to learn more about us.

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