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How Cremations Add Flexibility to a Final Service July 20, 2017


There are many reasons cremations have become more popular in recent years. The have become more accepted by traditional religions. Cremations are more affordable than a full, traditional service and casket burial. Many families appreciate that a small amount of remaining ashes can now be turned into beautiful keepsakes like jewelry. Still other appreciate the “green” aspects of a cremation. There is another reason families are choosing cremation. It is because cremation offers so much more flexibility in the planning of final services.

The Role of Traditional Funerals

Traditional funerals are steeped in religious traditions. They are also based in practicality. A deceased had to be buried promptly, in part, because there were unpleasant side effects of delaying a burial. This is why flowers and their pleasant odor, became popular at funerals. While modern embalming techniques have lengthened the time necessary between death and a burial, families still feel compelled to complete the process quickly. Many times, it is just a few days between death and interment. Especially in an unexpected death, this requires a lot of decisions and stress in a short period of time. Choosing cremation can help resolve some of these issues.

How Cremation Creates Flexibility

First, families should understand that a cremation doesn’t need to eliminate a traditional funeral service and viewing. Many cremations follow a traditional viewing and reception. If having a family viewing or viewing for extended family and friends is important to you, that can still occur. The cremation would occur after these more traditional services.

Some families choose to have a cremation and have the cremains at a funeral service. This often allows more time for arrangements to be made which can be important when many friends and family live out of town. Having the cremains at a funeral service can also provide some closure.

A cremation allows resources to be spent on services, rather than the expenses of a traditional embalming and burial in a casket. Cremains can be buried later at the family’s request, at a special ceremony, or they can be returned to the family in a selection of crafted containers. They can even be placed in a biodegradable container for a “green” burial or for a burial at sea. Cremation creates flexibility and it is the desire for more and more of those who pre-plan their final services.

How the Cremation Society of Cincinnati Can Help

The Cremation Society of Cincinnati owns and operates the city’s only private crematorium. We assure not only the safe transfer of a loved one to our modern facility but that the cremains you receive are those of your loved one. This alone provides significant peace of mind.

If you are feeling the pressures of time when organizing a funeral, we understand and we can help. Discover the flexibility the option of cremation can provide at the Cremation Society of Cincinnati.

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