Cremation Specialists of Greater Cincinnati

Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati specializes in cremations performed with the same grace and dignity that funeral directors have given traditional funerals, not the “respectful indifference” that you will experience at many, less progressive funeral homes. We invite you to visit and tour our facilities, so you can see first-hand how your loved one’s cremation farewell will be handled with distinction and class.

The same care and commitment carries through to our professional staff. We handle everything for our customers and are involved in the cremation process from start to finish. You just sign the authorization paperwork and we take care of the rest. We strive to make your decision to cremate “The Caring Choice”, an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, respectful alternative to a traditional burial.

The-One-We-MissEstablished in 1994, Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati provides cremation services and serves clients in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and the rest of the United States. We network with over 4,000 crematories nationwide to ensure we fully accommodate the needs of our customers.

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