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How to Personalize a Post-Cremation Memorial Service January 11, 2022

Personalized post cremation service

As more and more families choose cremation, they are also discovering how to better plan and personalize post-cremation memorial services. Post-cremation memorial services offer more timing flexibility, can be held in a selection of locations, and can be touching and even uplifting. Here are some steps to help you plan a personalized post-cremation memorial service:

Select a Roster of Speakers

Select a list of people you know were close to your loved one. This could include a family member, friend or business associate. Allow them the freedom to speak from the heart and in a way they will feel comfortable. It can help if the person speaks well in front of a crowd, but some terrific memorial speeches have been given by those with little experience in front of people. A pastor or other religious speaker may also be meaningful and appropriate.

Choose Music

Music can be featured or serve as a background. Choose songs that were a favorite of the loved one or songs that remind those of the departed. Music can be recorded, performed live or weaved into a video presentation.

Customize an Urn Arrangement

A few personal touches can elevate the urn displayed at a memorial service, including color coordinated flowers, personal items displayed nearby or favored collectibles or crafts from the loved one.

Include Photos, a Collage or SlideShow

Photos are a powerful way to communicate the passions and experiences of the deceased at a memorial service. Slideshows and video presentations are easier than ever to produce and can captivate attendees.

Create a Facebook Memorial

Create a social media or virtual online memorial for those who may not be able to attend services. Include the music and photos used at the actual memorial. This online memorial can also serve as a place for those who can’t attend to share condolences.

Memorial services can be customized to reflect a person’s hobbies, favorite sports teams and favorite pastimes. It is a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one.

If you have any questions about planning a memorial service after cremation or if you are considering pre-planning your own services, we would be honored to assist you. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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