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Unique & Interesting Ways to Store or Disperse Cremated Remains July 11, 2018

Through the years cremations have become an increasingly popular choice for families. They now account for over 60% of final services. One of the reasons cremations have become so popular is the flexibility they offer in the disposal of the cremains.

Here are some of the interesting choices you may have in dispersing cremated remains.

  1. Burial. Many families forget that even cremated remains can have a traditional burial. This means families will have a grave site and marker to visit which is comforting to many families. The space needed for burial of cremains is much smaller than a traditional burial, making it less expensive. Only about 10% of families choose a burial of cremains.

  2. Scattering. Scattering accounts for about half of the ways people disperse of the remains of a loved one. You should be aware that there are and are not appropriate ways to disperse ashes and you should get the permission of a property owner if they are going to be dispersed on private property.

  3. Kept or Buried at Home. For many families keeping the cremains at home, whether in an urn or buried, is an option. It is inexpensive and easy to accomplish.

  4. A Columbarium. These are structures that house urns that contain cremains. They are an excellent choice for those who don’t want to scatter ashes or keep them with a family member. They are affordable and provide a place where families can visit and honor a loved one after their death.

  5. Jewelry or Keepsakes. There are companies who will take a small amount of the cremains of a loved one and use them in creating beautiful jewelry or other keepsakes. Necklaces, bracelets and even earrings have been created using cremains to make jewelry in the shape of crosses, doves, angels and more.

  6. Fireworks. It is possible to have cremains mixed with material to create spectacular fireworks to commemorate the life of a loved one. One should make sure such disposal is legal in the state they reside.

  7. A Tree. Cremains can be used when planting a tree in honor of a loved one. This can either be done through a specialized product or by simply using the cremains and mixing them with the soil used in planting a small tree.

  8. Stained Glass. One unique option is having cremains used in the creation of a specialized piece of stained glass. It can be a beautiful and customized way to memorialize a loved one.

The Cremation Society of Cincinnati supports any choice a family may make in storing or dispersing cremains of a loved one as long the dispersal is legal. There are more options than ever to best recognize the life of your loved one. If you would like to discuss your options, we invite you to contact us.

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