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Benefits of Preplanning Funeral Services February 26, 2024

There are several growing trends when it comes to funerals and final services. “Celebrations of Life” are growing in popularity versus traditional, somber services. Cremations have replaced traditional burials as the top choice for final services. Another growing trend is the increasing amount of people who are pre-planning their own final services.

There are plenty of reasons pre-planning is growing in popularity. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of planning ahead.

Pre-planning Is Done Outside the Pressure of an Immediate Death

One of the biggest benefits of pre-panning final services is that it can be done intentionally and without the pressure of a death in the family. Time can be taken for due diligence, research, and purposeful budgeting.

It Alleviates Pressure on Loved Ones

One of the greatest gifts you can leave loved ones is making some of the difficult decisions surrounding your funeral on your own, based upon your own wishes. A grieving family may not always make prudent choices when it comes to planning a funeral. Your efforts in pre-planning can get the process off to a smoother start.

Can Relieve Financial Stress

When pre-planning includes covering the costs of final services, it can provide appreciated relief from the financial stress of a funeral.

Minimizes Debates and Arguments

Pre-planning a funeral helps eliminate questions about your desire for details surrounding your funeral. There should be little doubt about your wishes to be cremated or have a traditional burial, favorite songs to be included, designated non-profits for donations, and more. You can make your intentions and wishes clear.

Helps Protect Against Inflation

A pre-planned, prepaid funeral can mitigate the effects of inflation. You are “locking in” the costs being paid at today’s prices.

May Open Up Discussions

Pre-planning your funeral can open up discussions about what you would like to see happen and why. It can promote greater understanding between family members and may even encourage them to pre-plan.

It Can Be a Part of Bigger Plans

Pre-planning for your final services may just be a part of bigger plans that may include a will, estate planning, and choosing a power of attorney.

Pre-planning Can Provide Exceptional Peace of Mind

One of the most underappreciated benefits of pre-planning is the peace of mind and comfort it can bring to the person doing the pre-planning. It can be rewarding knowing that you have expressed your input and helped take care of some difficult decisions. It is something you can be proud of.

If you are in current need or have questions about pre-planning, we invite you to reach out to the professional, caring team at the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati. We have been serving generations of families in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas.

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