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Three Reasons to Choose Cremation Over Burials July 14, 2023

cremation box with pink roses around it

cremation box with pink roses around it

Whether you are in immediate need or preplanning final services, one of the first decisions to be made is whether you should choose cremation or a traditional burial. Since the 1960s, cremation has become an increasingly popular choice. In fact, today, more people choose cremation over traditional burial and it is a trend that appears likely to continue.

Here are the three major reasons you may want to consider cremation over burial:

1. It Can Make the Planning Process Easier

With a traditional funeral and burial in the past, there was a sense of urgency upon the death of a loved one. It would often be less than a week from the death of a loved one through the planning, services, and final burial. This is particularly difficult when a death is unexpected or the family is spread out over multiple states. Cremation allows time for the family to pause and consider their best options. It could include services or a memorial to be held at a later date. It may allow for more people to attend a final service in person and may even allow for services to be held when better weather is possible. Many families find this a major advantage when choosing cremation.

2. It Can Lower Costs

One of the attractive aspects of cremation over a burial is it can lower costs. This is particularly true with a basic or direct cremation. More families are discovering, however, that they can still have traditional visitation services and even a luncheon or social gathering following services. This still allows family and friends a more traditional way to share their grief and memories while still enjoying some of the other practical benefits of cremation. Like traditional services, these services can be customized to suit the personality of the deceased or as a celebration of life. There will simply not be a traditional casket and burial.

3. Flexibility in Relocation

In today’s mobile society, it is not uncommon for one or several family members to relocate to different states one or more times in their lives. In an increasing number of situations, this may leave a grandparent or parent buried in a community with no close relatives nearby. Cremation makes cremains or ashes, portable. They can even be split into several smaller urns for each remaining close family member. There are more options for quality, customized, and beautiful urns than ever before. Cremains can even be used in the creation of respectful pieces of jewelry. As members of the family move, they can still be bound through the cremains of a loved one.

If you or your family have questions about cremation, we are here to answer them. Discover why more and more families in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio are choosing the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati.

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