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Cremations: What to do with the Ashes December 2, 2016

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Many families are unsure of what is appropriate to do with the ashes following cremation. Today, more than ever, there are a wide selection of options that are considered acceptable.

  • Cemetery Burial – Many families still choose a traditional burial in a cemetery for their loved one’s ashes. Burial can immediately follow a service or be held at a later time. When a burial is considered, loved ones will want to choose a container to place the ashes in. These containers can range from simple biodegradable choices to the extremely ornate. This is a good option for families who want a specific place to visit following a death.
  • Take them Home – Some choose to have the ashes placed in a decorative urn to be kept at home. While this was once a pretty rare choice, today it’s increasing in popularity. The wide selection of more contemporary urn styles has increased the number of people choosing this option.
  • Place them in a Columbarium – A Columbarium is a separate room or free-standing building, usually at a church or cemetery, which is used for storing urns containing ashes. The area will have shelving or niches where urns are placed. This is usually a good option for those who may be uncomfortable having the ashes displayed at home.
  • Have them Scattered on Land – Many of those who have pre-planned their cremation will ask to have their ashes scattered at places that may have held meaning for them during their lives. Ashes have been scattered in places ranging from parks to sports stadiums.
  • Burial at Sea – Another popular choice is having the ashes scattered at sea. Sea breezes can make this a challenge however, so you may want to have ashes contained in a biodegradable container. Sea burial can be accomplished via a private boat or by hiring a boat. This should not be done during a cruise since tossing anything overboard on a cruise ship is discouraged.
  • Have Jewelry Made – A growing trend is using a small portion of the ashes in creating beautiful jewelry. It’s a thoughtful way to share the ashes with family members. Since only a tiny fraction of the ashes are used, you can still choose other options for the remaining ashes as well.
  • Personalized, more Exotic Choices – Ashes have been shot into space and mixed with cement and made into monuments. They have been used to be a part of a reef and have been mixed with explosives to create fireworks.

Like traditional burials, cremation too, have become more celebratory for some families. Many want to salute the lives of their loved ones in a grateful and meaningful way. This has opened up the options for what is deemed acceptable with the ashes of a loved one.

The Cremation Society of Cincinnati specializes in cremations, with our own private crematorium. Our friendly, caring team of professionals can help you with your options in planning a cremation and the associated services. Should you have any questions about cremations in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area, we encourage you to contact us.