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What Are Simple Cremations? November 23, 2021

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Initially, cremations began to grow in popularity because they were a more affordable alternative to the traditional elaborate, multi-day funeral services and burials. As more major religions accepted cremation, more families sought them out. As time has passed, however, the reasons for choosing cremations have expanded. Some people like the environmental aspects of it. Others prefer the flexibility in timing cremations afford. Others have discovered that cremations too, can be an elaborate multi-day affair if that is what they desire.

Costs, however, generally remain an important factor in the decision to choose cremations over other burial options. For many, it can be a deciding factor, which is why they may seek out their least expensive option. This is usually what is known as a simple cremation.

What is a Simple Cremation?

Also known as direct cremation or immediate cremation, a simple cremation includes basic cremation services designed to be cost-effective. This involves a quick process because embalming, and its associated costs, are not included in a Simple Cremation. Instead, the body is clearly identified, the cremation process is chosen by the family member with authority, and the body is cremated shortly thereafter.

A Simple Cremation Does Not Include Services

Since a simple cremation occurs rather rapidly, there is no public viewing or memorial service, although the family can conduct a ceremony for when ashes are spread, if that is their choice. Many view this lack of service as a downside to simple cremations because they may not give the family and loved ones an opportunity to say goodbye or grieve properly.

Your Dignified Choice for Simple Cremations

While some cremation providers specialize in low-cost, simple cremations, some feel that the services these facilities provide may not be dignified for their loved ones. Some even have names that promote price as their “selling point.”

However, a simple or direct cremation does not have to be undignified. At the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati, we offer simple cremations with dignity. We can help you say goodbye to a loved one with care and empathy. We operate the only locally owned crematory in the Cincinnati area, meaning your loved one never leaves our care. We can even discuss affordable ways to make a simple cremation just a bit more memorable and dignified. We have been doing that for families in the region for generations.

Have questions? Faced with the reality of financial concerns when it comes to final services? We understand. You don’t have to settle. Contact one of our caring professionals who would be honored to serve you.

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