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Guide to a Cremation Ceremony January 7, 2020

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With the growing popularity of cremations, it is increasingly likely you may find yourself either attending or planning a final ceremony that involves cremation. What are the differences between a traditional funeral and one involving a cremation? What would a memorial service look like and would dress and etiquette for such a ceremony be different?

Many families find that cremation relieves a sense of urgency in final plans, allowing more time for immediate mourning and more time to plan a unique ceremony. These unique ceremonies have few rules, other than being reflective of the person being honored and respectful. On the other hand, it can have elements of a traditional funeral like an open casket service prior to cremation. The choice is yours.

Some families will still choose a traditional graveside burial service of the ashes, others will conduct a ceremony involving the scattering of ashes. Still, others will decide to keep the cremains in an urn or use some in the creation of jewelry or other keepsakes.

If a facility allows, services can be held at the crematory. Some will have a meeting area or chapel for services and even a social area for a meal. Again, the choice is yours.

The scattering of ashes can be a ceremony in and of itself. For those involving the scattering of ashes at sea, bio-degradable containers can be used to prevent ashes from becoming air borne. These containers will float for a short time, eventually giving way to allow the ashes to be scattered in the waters. Others may choose to scatter ashes in a forest or place of other special meaning for the deceased. It is important to keep in mind that if ashes are to be scattered on private property, the owner’s permission should be secured first.

Modern cremations are similar to that of modern weddings. Where once they were very formal and attendees dressed accordingly, today, many are informal and reflect more of the lifestyle of the individual. Final services involving a cremation often lend themselves to “Celebrations of Life” that have also become popular.

Every day, families are setting trends and breaking barriers when it comes to final services, and we are here to help. At the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati, we are committed to helping families learn more about and be comfortable with the cremation process. This includes helping provide appropriate associated services.

Whether you are pre-planning a cremation for yourself or in immediate need, we want you to feel comfortable. We encourage you to discuss your ideas and thoughts, and we will try to assist you. Please contact us with your questions.

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