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What Can I Expect with a Celebration of Life Ceremony? March 11, 2020

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A celebration of life is a way friends and family can gather to remember the life of a loved one. It is less somber than a traditional funeral service and is generally designed to be more uplifting than a solemn funeral service. Certainly, celebrations of life will have their moments of tears and sadness, but they will also generate more smiles and laughter.

So what can you expect when attending a celebration of life and what should you arrange if you are pre-planning one? Here are some aspects to be aware of.

  • Timing of a Celebration of Life – This type of service usually is held after a traditional funeral or cremation is completed. In the case of a cremation, the cremains may be present at the ceremony. This is an option that the family can decide upon.
  • Where a Celebration of Life is Held – Generally speaking, a celebration of life is not held at a funeral home or church; taking it away from the traditional trappings of a funeral service. This alone often can serve to “lighten” the mood of the service, removing it from what are generally more quiet or hushed surroundings.
  • The Service is Less Formal – Celebrations of life are intentionally less formal than a traditional funeral service, including the attire. Many appreciate the fact that it is more like a supportive gathering of friends and relatives than a somber occasion. Depending on the beliefs of the family involved, it may be less religious in nature.
  • Opportunity to Share Positive Stories – Celebrations of life often include an opportunity for those present to share personal, often positive or humorous stories about the loved one. These are often private stories, only known to those present at they time they originally occurred. Other positive stories about the unknown generosity of the person or little known hobbies are frequently shared as well.
  • Use of Multimedia – Since a celebration of life frequently gives a family a little more time to prepare an observance, there is often time to prepare photographic collages and even a video tribute. The family will include more lighthearted photos and videos of the person whose life is being honored. In some cases, celebrations are catered and serve as social gatherings.

Celebrations of Life have become an increasingly popular way to recognize the life of a loved one. They can also be an option when pre-planning your own final services. Should you have any questions about what is possible or what is acceptable, please feel free to contact us at the Greater Cincinnati Cremation Society. Cremations, like Celebrations of Life, are growing in popularity as well. See how the combination may be the perfect choice for you. We are pleased to serve families in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area and would appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

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