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Misperceptions About Cremations October 12, 2016


At the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati, we feel it’s part of our mission to help people better understand the cremation process. That is, in part, because every day we face the questions that project the misperceptions of the process. Even though cremations have become far more accepted than even just decades ago, there are many myths about cremations that need to be dispelled.

  • Cremations are frowned about by many major religions. While some religions have yet to embrace cremation, most mainline religions have accepted it. This has occurred to the point where more than half of all funerals now involve cremations. Cremations continue to grow in popularity, due in part, to the stigma being removed by major religions. It’s actually the preferred choice by many religions.
  • Cremations don’t give loved ones a chance to say goodbye. This may be one of the biggest misperceptions of cremations. Cremations actually give families more choices in final services. Final services can include viewings of the body prior to cremation. It can also allow final services to be postponed for a long period after cremation. Cremation can occur quickly after death, or delayed after an appropriate viewing period. Cremations allow more flexibility based on the needs and desires of the family.
  • There may be no final resting place for cremated remains. While some opt for their remains to be scattered at sea or some other loved destination, many still decide to have cremains buried in a plot in a cemetery. Containers can be elaborate or simple. There can still be a headstone and a place for family to visit.
  • I may not get the actual ashes of my beloved one. While errors can happen in large crematories, that can’t happen at the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati. Once we take possession of the body of a loved one, they remain in our care until the cremains are returned to the family. This makes it easier and more comforting for families to choose to have a small amount of cremains to be used in the creation of jewelry or other keepsakes.
  • Cremations are perceived as “cheap”. Cremation can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional burials, but it’s also a practical choice. It may be the desires of the departed or family to have a greener alternative to final disposition. At the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati, we have organized some extremely elaborate final services involving cremations at our state-of-the-art facility. We have a private viewing area and an experienced staff to help create a final service to meet the desires of any budget. Let us know of your desires.
  • You don’t need to know everything about cremations. Many families or those pre-planning final arrangements feel a bit embarrassed about their lack of knowledge when it comes to cremations. At The Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati, we understand and embrace that lack of knowledge by providing the information needed to help you make decisions appropriate for you and your family. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

The Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati operates our own private crematory in the Cincinnati area. We encourage those in need or considering cremation services to contact us. Let us help you in making the best choices when it comes to cremation in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.