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Comparing Cremation Traditions from Around the World

Cremations have become more widely accepted by a variety of religions throughout the world, and particularly in the United States. Like traditional funeral services, however, traditions involving cremations can vary widely from place to place. We thought it would be interesting to share the differences between traditions from Hindu cremations…...

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Choosing Cremation Urns and Jewelry: Thinking outside of the “box”

As cremations become increasingly accepted, more and more families are discovering the many, and varied ways to honor a loved one through a variety of contemporary urns and jewelry. Here is a look at some popular choices. Urns While urns have long been a way to carry the cremains of…...

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Obituary Tips: What to Include?

An obituary is a final written tribute to a loved one after they pass. Through the years obituaries, like final services themselves, have become less formal. While early obituaries were pretty much fact-based, today’s obituaries tell more of the story of a person’s life. It may include what and who…...

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Learn about Cremations with our Free Guide

Part of our mission at the Cremation Society of Cincinnati, is to help families understand that cremations can work for everyone. Many of the old religious and societal stigmas associated with cremation have long been put behind us. Cremations are now accepted almost universally as a dignified and affordable alternative…...

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The Benefits of a Simple Cremation

Simple cremations continue to grow in popularity across the country as the world’s religions become more and more accepting of the practice. A simple cremation is one that is done without an elaborate service or ceremony, and there are multiple benefits for choosing a simple cremation. Costs: On a practical…...

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Is Cremation Right for You?

If you have given thought to your end-of-life arrangements, you may have considered the idea of cremation. Cremation is an option more and more people are electing over traditional burial. While the concept of cremation has been around for centuries, it was not always as widely accepted as it is…...

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