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The Process of Cremation September 10, 2019

The process of cremation

Part of the mission of the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati is to help area families better understand the benefits of cremation. Our goal is to help those looking for more information about the cremation process to find straightforward answers to their questions. We are frequently asked about the cremation process itself, and what all is involved.

The cremation process takes approximately two hours using an industrial-style furnace.

  1. The body is properly identified and authorization for the cremation is confirmed.
  2. The body is placed in a container, frequently made of wood or rigid cardboard.
  3. The body is placed in the cremation chamber, known as the “retort” for cremation.
  4. The cremation process takes place in temperatures ranging from 1,400-2,000 degrees.
  5. Any metal fragments left in the ashes are removed by hand and through the use of powerful magnets.
  6. Remaining bone fragments are ground following cremation.
  7. The cremains are placed in an urn that has been provided by the family or in a temporary container.
  8. What is often referred to as “ashes” are returned to the family.

Why You Should Consider the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati

The Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati has the only privately owned and operated crematorium in the Cincinnati area. When we take possession of your loved one, they never leave our care. Proper identification is assured. We can accommodate for the viewing of the cremation if it is the wishes of the family. For some religions, it is customary.

The Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati can help you through the entire process. From pre-planning to selecting an appropriate urn, we are here to make sure final services and cremation are handled in a caring, dignified and respectful manner. We can even assist you in selecting lovely remembrance jewelry that can contain a small amount of a loved one’s ashes.

It is our goal to help promote the advantages of cremation and to clear up any misperceptions about the process. Our modern facility is state of the art and allows us to conduct cremations with dignity and respect. If you have questions regarding cremation or would like to begin the pre-planning process, please feel free to contact us.

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