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TED Talks About Death & Grief February 13, 2019

TED Talks were established in 1984 as an annual conference featuring short-form talks on a variety of subjects. Its goal was, and is, to spread ideas. Today, TED Talks are an online community full of 18 minutes and fewer videos that address a wide range of subjects. TED Talks are meant to teach, inspire and encourage free thinking.

There have been TED Talks on just about every imaginable subject, including that of dying, death and grief. For those grieving the loss of a loved one, some of these talks can help provide comfort and understanding. They can help us examine our own thoughts and feelings on the subject. Here are some TED Talks on the subject that can be both thought-provoking and comforting.

Compassion and the True Meaning of Empathy

Buddhist Roshi Joan Halifax works with people at the last stage of life (in hospice and on death row). She shares what she’s learned about compassion in the face of death and dying, and a deep insight into the nature of empathy.

Grieving the People We’ve Loved and Lost

Psychologist and grief expert Kim Bateman lost a younger brother in an extreme skiing accident in 1990 when he was just 21. She talks about how we can create our own rituals to help us through our grief.

Katrina Spade: When I Die, Recompose

Join Katrina Spade as she discusses “recomposition”, a system that uses the natural decomposition process to turn our deceased into life-giving soil, honoring both the earth and the departed.

Jason B. Rosenthal: The Journey Through Loss and Grief

In her brutally honest, ironically funny and widely read meditation on death, “You May Want to Marry My Husband,” the late author and filmmaker Amy Krouse Rosenthal gave her husband Jason very public permission to move on and find happiness. A year after her death, Jason offers candid insights on the often excruciating process of moving through loss and grief.

Playlist: For Parents who have Lost a Child (4 talks)

Losing children to illness, disease or acts of violence is devastating and endlessly difficult to cope with. These talks come from parents who have experienced such loss and found a way to make it through.

Playlist: Finding and Bringing Closure (7 talks)

Death is hard, and suffering from the subsequent loss is even harder. These talks focus on the journey to finding closure and reaching the end of difficult chapters in life.

Playlist: What Death can Teach You about Life (7 talks)

There is much to learn in death as there is in life. An intimate look at the wisdom that is forged from deep loss.

Playlist: What Comes After Grief? (5 talks)

Be inspired by these speakers who found comfort in transforming grief and sadness into action, art and progress.

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