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Memorial Services For Families Who Choose Cremation April 9, 2020

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Even though cremation has become more popular over the last few decades (more than 50% of final services now include cremation), misperceptions still persist. One of the biggest misperceptions is perhaps that final services aren’t as meaningful when cremation is chosen. That is simply not the case.

In fact, many families don’t realize that they can have a casket viewing as part of final services prior to cremation. This alone can make many families who don’t want to bypass this step in a traditional funeral service become more at ease with cremation.

Some families may not also realize that when they choose cremation, they can also include other features of a traditional memorial service. Here are some ideas:

Photo Collages

One powerful way to memorialize a loved one is through a series of photo collages of the person from various parts of their life. These are frequently photos of good times spent with family and friends. Be sure to ask others for their contributions and be sure to mark where they came from so you can return them. The more close friends and family members who participate by contributing photos the more meaningful the collage will be for everyone. It can be heart lifting to hear comments of “Oh, that’s a good one.” and “Aww, look at this one.” It can also show a side to the deceased that some in attendance may not have known.

A Video Presentation

A several minute video presentation, accompanied by meaningful music is another touching element to a memorial service. Be sure to include some humorous images to balance the video. If someone in the family doesn’t have the time, talent or resources to put together the video, contact your funeral director for recommendations.

A Display of Crafts, Passions and Hobbies

Perhaps a loved one was a big sports fan of a certain team, knitted or worked with wood or enjoyed golf. It can be interesting for attendees to see meaningful items connected to the life of the deceased. Be sure to label items so visitors will see the connection. If there are photos of the loved one wearing, using or working with one of the items be sure to include that photo with the item.

A Personalized Urn

A personalized urn can become the centerpiece of a memorial service, especially when there is not going to be a viewing. An urn can be personalized with an attached or accompanying plaque with a favored religious verse or poem. A personalized urn can also be purchased in a particular shape conveying the personality of the loved one. Contact us at the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati to discuss options.

The Cremation Society of Cincinnati operates the only privately owned crematorium in the Greater Cincinnati area. We are always here to assist you with your questions when planning a cremation and the associated services. Whether you are pre-planning or currently in need, we invite you to contact us.

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