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Proper Etiquette Practices for Cremation Ceremonies September 16, 2021

Person grieving over lost loved one

As cremations continue to grow in popularity over traditional final services and burials, more and more people are being faced with questions regarding the etiquette at cremation services. Here are some thoughts that should help.

How to Dress

Dressing for a cremation service is relatively simple if you keep a few thoughts in mind. This is not a fashion show nor is it about you. Dress well, of course, but dress conservatively. Avoid bright, loud colors and patterns, but there is no need to wear all black. Show your respect by looking nice without standing out from the crowd.

What to Offer

Cremation services are not unlike traditional funerals in that people are suffering. Feel free to offer your services to bake, clean, run errands, or take other small burdens from the grieving family. The family may also need photos in creating a collage to be displayed at the services.

How to Express Sympathy

Condolences may still be expressed through sympathy cards or flowers unless the family requests otherwise. The family may direct donations to a specific cause or may even benefit from contributions toward final services. This information can usually be found in an obituary or by contacting the funeral director.

What to Say

This is not the time to share your own personal stories of loss. Do, however, share stories of your interactions with their loved ones and what they meant to you. Be compassionate and be ready to listen. Sometimes a caring look or embrace can say as much as words.

Following the Ceremony

The family may decide to spread ashes or keep them. These decisions may be private. Don’t be afraid to stay in touch in the weeks and months to come with a “Thinking of You” card, phone call, or email. Frequently, close loved ones are left to grieve alone following the busy days after final services. Don’t be afraid to reach out with a card or contact or an invitation for coffee or lunch.

It is not uncommon to have questions about cremations, funerals, and final services. We are pleased to be able to offer our insights. If you have any questions, are in immediate need, or are considering pre-planning, we are here to help. Contact the Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati today. We have modern, versatile facilities and operate the only privately owned crematorium in the Cincinnati area. Our experts are here to help and answer your questions. We would be honored to serve you and your family.

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