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Different Types of Cremains Containers July 23, 2021

Antique Isolate gold urn

If you were asked what is the definition of an urn you might respond with “a container that holds the ashes of someone who was cremated”. That is a reasonable and fairly accurate response. What, however, if you were asked to DESCRIBE an urn? How would you describe one?

Many of us would go back to what we know in our families or even have seen in movies. We may describe an elaborate, colorfully painted jar like those of Egyptian times. Because of the significance of their contents, urns have generally been expensive, elaborate or even personalized containers. Too many times we may view them as “jars”. That is simply no longer the case.

Like funerals and funeral traditions themselves, urns have changed dramatically through the years. Just as somber funerals have morphed in “Celebrations of Life”, urns have transitioned from traditional decorative vases into a variety of containers that still are a respectful representation of the cremains of the people that they contain.

Yes, urns have changed and are available in more designs, shapes and styles than ever. Here are just some of the options now available for cremains containers.

Ceramic Urns

These are still popular especially for older members of a family who view urns a certain way. There is nothing wrong with a traditional ceramic urn and many are available in more contemporary styles. Modern ceramic urns can offer the best of both a traditional container and a contemporary approach.

Desktop Wooden Urns

There are containers today beautifully crafted from fine woods that make an excellent desktop or bookcase display piece. They could include a simple engraving or a more functional feature like a clock. They may include an engraving of a favored expression of the deceased or a comforting religious verse.

Wall Mounted Plaques

Cremated remains can be kept and thoughtfully displayed in specially designed wall mounted plaques and photo frames. What may appear to others in the room as a caring tribute to a loved one may also contain a varying degree of volume of their ashes. This is also a way to share cremains with family members who may not be comfortable displaying ashes in a traditional vase-style urn.

A Sculpture or Statue

A Hollowed sculpture or statue, perhaps one made by a family member, can serve as a meaningful place for the cremains of a loved one. A piece of art could also top a custom-made container. The choice is yours.

Other Containers

Cremains may be put into jewelry, miniature urns or even made into diamonds. What is important is you find a container meaningful to you and your family. We can help.

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we have always taken pride in being progressive while fulfilling the needs and desires of the families we serve. From being one of the first services in the United States to use motor vehicles for funerals to owning the only independently owned crematory in all of Greater Cincinnati, we are responsive to the needs of the families we serve.

We are here to answer your questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for preplanning or in a time of need. We would be honored to serve you.

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