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How to Know if Cremation Is Right for You September 8, 2022

Cremation Ashes Cross

Have you been thinking about cremation as an option when pre-planning your final services? There are certainly some practical benefits. Cremation allows more flexibility when final or memorial services are held, it is less expensive, and many view cremation as a more environmentally-friendly choice. But how do you know if cremation is right for you? Here are some thoughts to consider.

How Does Cremation Coincide With Your Religious Beliefs?

There is no question that cremation is far more acceptable today than it was even just a generation ago. The world’s major religions have accepted and, in some cases, embraced cremation. Yet based on lingering beliefs, you may still have some doubts or concerns about whether cremation is viable or comfortable for you. If you have concerns, discuss them with the clergy or a religious figure you have confidence in. Let them know your concerns.

What Are Your Financial Capabilities?

On the one hand, cremation is a more affordable option if finances are a concern. But even if finances are not an issue, cremation can still be a prudent option. You can still have a viewing and visitation followed by a cremation. We can discuss the many final service options that could still include a cremation.

What Are Your Thoughts on a Final Resting Place?

Cremation offers several options for the final disposition of your ashes. They can be buried, kept in an urn, shared in smaller urns or containers, spread in nature, or even made into keepsake jewelry.

How Do Those Closest to You Feel?

Certainly, if cremation is your choice but if any close family members have issues with it, you’ll want to discuss it with them and let them know how you feel now. A family discussion now can bring resolution and prevent future conflict.

If these options appeal to you, cremation may be for you.

If Family Members are Spread Apart

Today’s families are often spread across the country, travel often, and have busy schedules. Cremation allows final or memorial services to be scheduled with much more flexibility. It also allows for planning services around holidays and potentially severe weather.

Cremation is flexible, more affordable than a traditional burial, and offers more options for the final disposition of cremains. It has grown so much in popularity in recent decades that it is now the most chosen form for final services.

Pre-planning your final services is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. If you have questions please feel free to contact us. It is part of our mission to correct misperceptions regarding cremation. We welcome your questions.

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