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What Is a Cremation Society? November 23, 2020

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It may not be surprising that one of the most frequently asked questions we get at the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky is “What is a cremation society?” You may also wonder what are the benefits of using them, what services are offered and how do they differ from a regular crematory? Since part of our mission as a cremation society is to promote the benefits of cremation, we are pleased to provide some answers.

A cremation society is a group of people who join in membership to ensure their wishes to be cremated will be carried out upon their death. The organization could be local, regional or national, and they operate using the highest standards in the industry. A membership in a cremation society allows members to put together detailed plans for their cremation including expenses, final wishes and any other personal touches they may wish to include. The society itself provides access to services for cremations under the high standards of the society.

How Does A Cremation Society Differ from a Crematory?

A crematory is generally a free-standing facility that may or may not be connected with a funeral home. A cremation society is a group of like-minded people who dispel myths about cremation and promote it as an after-death option.

What Services Are Offered by a Cremation Society?

The Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky provides Northern Kentucky families with customized cremation services to honor the passing of a loved one. Our professional staff has the skills, experience, training and licensing required to conduct a cremation. Since we have an on-site crematory, we control the entire cremation process from start to finish. You are assured the deceased receives respectful treatment and be positive the ashes you receive are absolutely those of your loved one.

The Benefits of a Cremation Society

There are a number of benefits to membership in a cremation society. It provides peace of mind that your wishes to be cremated will be carried out. It takes the financial burden off of loved ones following your death and minimizes the difficult decisions they may have to make. It allows access to experienced professionals while making your final arrangements. You also have final say regarding budgetary issues.

If you have any questions about cremation, would like to inquire about costs or are ready to make a decision to begin the pre-planning process, we invite you to contact the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky. We will be honored to answer your questions frankly. Whether you are in an immediate need or just in the investigative stage, contact us at the Cremation Society of Northern Kentucky.

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