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Sheri Lynn Bushelman July 25, 1970 - May 28, 2023

Sheri’s Story:

For everybody that knew Sheri, knows that she would do anything and everything for anybody. She always knew how to make the best out of every situation and had a blast while she was at it. There was not a chance she was going to let anyone mess with her children. No matter their age, they were always going to be her babies. She loved being a mom, it was always one of her greatest blessings and privileges in life.

Sheri was the baby of her three older siblings, Brenda, Susan, and Thomas. The family grew up on a farm in Burlington. Two of her siblings joined the Navy and one chose a medical career.

She attended Immaculate Heart of Mary for grade school and graduated from Connor High School in 1988. She raised her two darling children, while both working and attending NKU full time.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology- Construction in 1996. She pursued a career in the elevator industry; and ultimately changed jobs within the industry to be home with her children once they arrived home from school.  It should be mentioned that her name is on almost every elevator in the Northern Kentucky area.

She enjoyed adventures including multiple beach trips as well as horse riding trips that always started with, “when I was with my brother (Tom); and that’s how you knew it was going to be something good. She always had a bikini in her car, which happened to come in handy when she was roadtripping for a weekend in the summer. She was an enthusiast of all things Jimmy Buffet and Queen. She refused to grow up and always said it was a trap.

She was a stickler about curfew with her children. She would set an alarm for midnight; the children where considered late if the alarm disturbed a peaceful slumber. One fateful evening Sheri forgot her oldest was out and about in the big city of Florence and proceeded to lock the front door and engage the tattle tail of an alarm. This scenario quickly required a mission impossible type entrance to prevent a swift grounding. The only unlocked window in the residence was about seven feet above the ground. Channeling the inner stunt double the window was pushed ajar enough for an unruly child to climb in; and turn off the alarm.

After a routine visit to the doctor, Sheri was diagnosed with cancer. Despite the diagnosis, she continued living her life how she always had, enjoying every minute and finding the positives in every situation. Her spirits remained high through the battle; her beloved dog Daisy brought her so much comfort and happiness.

Sheri would want to be remembered as a loving mother, sister, and friend. She touched so many people. She was a woman of thoughtfulness, compassion, and a no-nonsense personality living her life in service to others. She always had room in her heart for others and her spirit will continue to remain with us forever.

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