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Learn about Cremations with our Free Guide February 19, 2016

Part of our mission at the Cremation Society of Cincinnati, is to help families understand that cremations can work for everyone. Many of the old religious and societal stigmas associated with cremation have long been put behind us. Cremations are now accepted almost universally as a dignified and affordable alternative to a traditional burial. The fact is, in many societies, cremations have long been a preferred option for final services. In the coming years cremations in the United States are expected to reach 70% of all final services. While not 100% “green”, cremations are a more environmentally conscious choice than traditional burials.

At Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati, we want to help educate you and all your loved ones when making your decisions. This can help you become much more comfortable with your choices and help you realize all of your options. That’s why we are offering you our free guide on cremations, “Cremations, A Caring Choice for Final Arrangements”. This downloadable guide provides valuable information on cremation planning and an overview of your available options. If you are considering a cremation, it is an informative place to start.

With “Cremations, A Caring Choice for Final Arrangements”, you will learn valuable information. The Guide is broken down into easy to understand categories including:

  • Planning Cremations. Here, we address the importance of letting your family know your wishes. Planning cremations is not a particularly difficult process but it does take communication and even potentially selecting a funeral home or crematory in advance. Planning cremations may not even involve “prepaying” if life insurance will be used for final expenses. It will take a conscious decision and our free guide demonstrates how to go through the process.
  • The Cremation Process. Our free guide addresses the fables and misperceptions about the cremation process. It lets readers know what will happen, in the crematory, and the care that is taken to make sure remains are handled with dignity and respect. This informative section can help bring you comfort in the knowledge of the care that is taken in the cremation process.
  • Urns, Jewelry and More. There are more choices than ever when it comes to a deceased’s ashes. They can be buried, kept by a loved one in an urn, distributed per the family member’s wishes or even made into jewelry and more. In this section, our free guide explores some of your options.

In addition, our guide shows readers that a cremation does not mean there can’t be traditional final services. There can still be a viewing with a cremation, the family can still have a reception, and the process can be similar to that of a traditional burial. Please talk with our staff if you have any questions about these service options.

If you have questions about the cremation process and the options available for a grieving family or in pre-planning, start by downloading our free guide “Cremations, a Caring Choice for Final Arrangements. Should you have questions, contact us at the Cremation Society of Cincinnati. We look forward to assisting you and your family.

Download our Free Guide on Cremations.

Learn the steps involved and plan ahead with confidence.

Learn about Cremations with our Free Guide