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Choosing Cremation Urns and Jewelry: Thinking outside of the “box” July 14, 2016

As cremations become increasingly accepted, more and more families are discovering the many, and varied ways to honor a loved one through a variety of contemporary urns and jewelry. Here is a look at some popular choices.

UrnsOutside of the Box: Urns

While urns have long been a way to carry the cremains of a loved one, today there are more choices than ever.

  • Bio-Degradable Urns – Today, final services with green elements are more popular than ever. To that end, we are pleased to offer Natural Earth Biodegradable Urns, Natural Salt Biodegradable Urns and Natural Scatter. It is a natural way to recognize a loved one.
  • The Metal Collection – Our Metal Collection is a selection of metallic-based urns that range for the ornate to the contemporary. Choose from Satin Gold, Golden Leaf and Black Elite with engraving available. Select from Classic Pewter or Classic Gold with Stripes, or choose to add just a bit of color with our blue or pink “Going Home Birds”. We also offer a more traditional Copper Oak and Silver Oak urn.
  • Wood Collection – Our wood collection offers some of our most unique options. They include picture frames, boxes and clocks. There are impressive wood cases like The Colonial and The Presidential. Our Memory Chests have stock and personalized engraving available in oak and cherry.
  • The Howard Miller Collection – Some of our most impressive options including the Devotion Series, the Reflection Series, and a Portrait Book Keepsake. The Howard Miller Collection also includes rich oak and cherry clock urns.

Outside of the Box: Jewelry

Jewelry and Art

A very popular way to keep the spirit of a loved-one alive is by using a very small amount of their cremains in a personalized piece of jewelry or even a customized work of art. The Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati is pleased to offer a wide range of options.

  • Keepsake Pendants – Cremation jewelry and pendants are available in a variety of heart designs, dolphins, tear drops, butterflies and birds.
  • Art Glass – Customized art glass can be created using cremains in unique and colorful designs. Select a pendant, rounds or heart shapes. “Eternal Flame” art glass is available in small, medium and large sizes. An art glass Standing Heart can sit beautifully on a desk, shelf, or mantel.

At The Cremation Society of Greater Cincinnati, we pride ourselves in staying connected with the latest trends and designs in urns and cremation jewelry and art. As families become more comfortable with the cremation process, many are also embracing contemporary urns and uses for small amounts of cremains.

If you have any questions about your options when it comes to urns, jewelry and other choices, please contact us.